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  1. For verification purposes, before entering the Gym, each member must check the membership card for verification by the card reader located at the main entrance.

  2. All free weights should be placed back in their place after use by the member.

  3. During the training, members should wear appropriate and clean clothes and fitness shoes.

  4. Each member should use a personal towel on the machines during the workout.

  5. Smoking, the use of alcohol, anabolic steroids, narcotics or other prohibited substances are forbidden in the gym.

  6. If the Member is unaware of how an exercise is being performed or does not know the use of any workout machine, it should seek help from the trainers before using it.

  7. Aggressive language or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in the gym. The management of the gym may require a Member to withdraw from the gym and / or terminate his / her membership if the Member expose his / her own security or other members or does not comply with the rules of the gym.

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