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Chrysavgi Charalambous 

Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist

BSc with honors in Nutrition and Dietetics

MSc in Clinical Dietetics 

Registered in the Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists


Chrysavgi is a Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist with honors in BSc Nutrition and Dietetics and MSc in Clinical Dietetics. She has been involved with healthy eating and sports long before her training in nutrition and today she is also a certified Yoga instructor.


Her approach to nutrition is primarily consuming real, whole foods, lots of plants and clean proteins. Her method addresses all of the aspects of the lifestyle and nutrition choices that keep individuals from reaching their goals.


Her aim is creating meal plans that are personal, balanced and sustainable, created through evidence-based approaches, to effectively achieve desired results.

Services offered:

- Body composition analysis

- Nutrition Tips

- Nutritional Plan

All appointments will be made at the gym after appointment.

For more information at the reception, 22 027210.

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